UAV Assessment Services

Drone Surveys

whole picturePhillips & Stevens uses unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs for our clients in Manitoba and throughout Canada that improve their bottom line. UAVs or drones allow us to provide our clients with new and innovative products that allow for better analysis. From aerial photo-mosaics to quantity surveys to infra-red imagery, our UAV services provide our clients a new way to see the world.

Phillips & Stevens is fully licenced by Transport Canada and insured to provide UAV or drone services. We only use trained pilots, licenced surveyors and photogrammetrists to provide our clients with products that are guaranteed and insured. Our professionals have tested many of the promises of drone suppliers and related software and we have found many of the promises are only achievable under limited circumstances. This sets us apart from the competition in the drone services market in Manitoba and Canada and allows us to fully guarantee and insure all of our services and products. When your drone project has to be right, it has to be Phillips & Stevens.

There are a variety of drone services for multiple industries, some of which are highlighted on the tabs on the left. Explore these services knowing that whatever you chose, you can trust Phillips & Stevens to make your project a success.