Mapping & Environmental Services

Phillips and Stevens provides graphical data sets and visualizations to help our clients see the world in new ways. Our integration of remote sensing data with real-time data allows you to visualize the interaction of your plans with the environment, and our design approach allows real world testing of planned developments on water, air and wildlife.

Our mapping integrates the best in visualization and thematic overlays. Phillips and Stevens design experts integrate data sets to meet any standard you require and because we have professional surveyors, we can assess and quantify accuracy standards. If it has to be right, give us a call.

Below is a list of some of the many mapping and environmental services we provide.

  Watershed Analysis Water Level Monitoring Wetland Classification  
  Spill Monitoring Well Monitoring Thematic Mapping  
  Resource Mapping Feasibility Studies Habitat Mapping  
  River Bank Analysis Stability Monitoring Flow Rate Assessments  
  Land Use Asset/Resource Land Cover Mapping  
  Soil Classification Land Ownership Wetlands  
  Industrial Site Warehouse Safety Safety Coding